Alert: Notifications at reduced capacity during COVID-19 restrictions

We are operating at reduced capacity due to the COVID 19 alert level four requirements.

Please only call our 0800 number if someone is at serious risk of harm or has been seriously injured, become seriously ill, or died as a result of work.

For other notifications please complete our online forms at Notify WorkSafe.

Each year our health and safety inspectors carry out 12,500 workplace assessments. These are proactive, planned visits and are not usually triggered by a report of serious harm or a health and safety complaint

At least 80% of workplace assessments are targeted to industries identified in the Health and Safety National Action Agenda 2010 – 2013 as high risk, which includes Agriculture, Forestry, Construction and Manufacturing. 

Other assessments

WorkSafe New Zealand will carry out 3,500 HSNO workplace assessments each year, with a key focus being on the Canterbury Rebuild. It will deliver at least 60 High Hazard assessments, inspections, audits and safety cases and complete regulatory visits to at least 150 electrical suppliers and audit at least 40 products.

Our Inspection Policy sets out a high level approach to inspections and how they support WorkSafe to achieve its targets. This policy is not intended to be prescriptive in its application, but will guide inspectors and managers in their inspection activities.