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Every year, many thousands of people in New Zealand develop serious health conditions because of health risks associated with their work. In fact, the burden on workers, their families and the wider economy from work-related ill-health far outweighs the burden from work-related injuries.


This safety alert highlights the serious health and safety risks of exposure to high levels of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) for those who work in the stone benchtop

Safety alert

Companies which identify safety issues with their machinery have a duty to remedy the problems and ensure any new operational processes are consistently applied, says WorkSafe.

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WorkSafe has completed an important part of its ongoing investigation into the Northwood gas explosion and is able to give residents in the area an assurance that they can continue to use reticulated gas safely.

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Dr Joanne Crawford will join Victoria University of Wellington as the inaugural holder of a new academic Chair, which aims to lift New Zealand’s health and safety performance through high quality research and teaching.

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