At Alert Level 1 most public health requirements for businesses and services to prevent COVID-19 spreading are no longer required.

What you need to do at Alert Level 1

You need to enable good hygiene practices for your workers. You can also choose to support good hygiene for your customers and clients by providing hand sanitiser for their use (always follow safety instructions on the label).

You don’t need to:

  • maintain physical distancing between workers or workers and groups of customers or clients
  • limit the size of gatherings
  • keep contact tracing records.

The Ministry of Health is asking businesses to help workers and customers or clients maintain their own contact tracing records by displaying the Ministry of Health’s NZ COVID Tracer QR code at their premises.

Talk to your workers about operating safely at Alert Level 1

It’s a good idea to discuss your approach to operating safely at Alert Level 1 with your workers and their representatives. This gives them the opportunity to help identify how to manage work safely and their role in that.

Our approach to Alert Level 1

COVID-19 is primarily a public health matter. Now that the risk of COVID-19 has been minimised our focus is on ensuring businesses meet obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, the Electricity Act 1992 and Gas Act 1992, and regulations under them.

The Ministry of Health has more information about protecting yourself and others from COVID-19(external link).