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WorkSafe New Zealand is committed to helping the forestry industry become safer and lower the rate of serious harm.

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Why it’s important to be safe in the forest

  • Forest safety is everyone’s responsibility, from the forest owner to the newest trainee
  • Strong safety culture and systems keep your workers and your business safe
  • Unsafe practices could result in fines or having your crew shut down until improvements are made
  • When someone is hurt, it impacts on the crew, the whanau, and the widercommunity
meet the yappers

Meet Steve and the Yappers

These animated videos have been created to help bosses and workers understand some of the key workplace health and safety concepts in a fun way. Check them out!

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new health and safety at work act

New Health and Safety at Work Act

Find out what you need to know and be doing with the new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA)

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