You may require a location compliance certificate if you have explosive, flammable, oxidising, toxic or corrosive substances and the quantity exceeds the thresholds specified in the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.

For example, thresholds for current hazardous substances are:

  • 100 kg of LPG or
  • 50 litres of petrol
  • 250 litres of 60% nitirc acid in storage

To check whether a hazardous substance location exists for the substances at your site you should search the database of Approved hazardous substances with controls(external link) and find out whether a location compliance certificate is required.

Do I need a location compliance certificate?

If you establish a hazardous substance location at your site, you will need a location compliance certificate.

Check also our policy clarification for when a hazardous substance location existis for toxic and corrosive substances. 

How do I get a location compliance certificate?

You must engage a compliance certifier to obtain the location compliance certificate. Search the compliance certifier register(external link) to find a compliance certifier who is authorised for locations and the hazardous classifications of your substances. 

A location compliance certificate is issued for 1 year for explosive, flammable and oxidising substances.  You can apply to WorkSafe to extend this to 3 years if you meet certain requirements.

Application for an extension of a location compliance certificate (PDF 215 KB)

A location compliance certificate is issued for up to 3 years if you have toxic and corrosive substances, or less than 300kg LPG. 

Locations where toxic and corrosive substances are stored are required to be certified from 1 December 2019.

Read our guidance about what is required for a location compliance certificate to be issued for toxic and corrosive substances and how compliance will be managed when PCBUs cannot comply with the separation distances.

Location compliance certificates for toxic and corrosive substances (PDF 66 KB)

Certification of locations holding toxic and corrosive substances

Notification of new hazardous substance location

If you are commissioning a new hazardous substance location you must notify WorkSafe at least 30 working days before commissioning the hazardous substance location.

Our PDF version of this form is no longer available. Please use the following online notification form:

Notification of Commissioning of Hazardous Substance Location or Transit Depot

For LPG locations the time requirement is 5 working days prior to commissioning.