Heat transfer system installed in the roof space caused roof fire

Energy type: 
Event summary: 
The Fire Service notified Energy Safety of a roof space fire. The suspected cause was a heat transfer system installed in the roof space. The roof fire was extensive and caused some damage to the interior of the house. Most ceilings will need replacing, as well as some gib on the walls, and some carpet. Everything above ceiling height i.e. trusses, roof, heat pump system, electrical wiring, house insulation etc, will also need replacing.
Accident ID: 
151218 01
Accident date: 
18 December 2015
DVS,HRV, moisture MASTER , Heat transfer systems, Home ventilation systems
Accident type: 
No injury
Property damage level: 
Extended to the room and structure containing the equipment
Outcome of investigation: 

The fire in the roof space was considered to have been caused by a malfunction in the fan motor component of a heat transfer system. A consequential audit of the fan unit component found that the fan component did not meet the requirements of a medium risk article when originally sold. The heat transfer system supplier was advised to have the heat transfer system evaluated by a recognised testing laboratory to determine the level of risk that may be present with the heat transfer systems already installed in New Zealand. Energy Safety will make further enquiries with the importer of the non compliant fan units that are listed medium risk articles, to determine what further action is appropriate.