Around the Block

Keen to know how you can get your workplace health and safety risks sorted? Take a look at our online Around the Block tool.

Take a walk 'Around the Block'

Host Safety Steve will provide you with information as you go on a journey through a typical city block, with clickable risk hotspots in each of the featured businesses.

We’ve started with the 13 businesses you’re most likely to see on a city block - from cafes and hair salons, to medical centres and petrol stations. We’ll be adding more businesses in future so that the tool is relevant to a wide range of New Zealand businesses.

There is also more information if you need it - animated hotspots link into health and safety topic pages where more information and relevant resources are available.

The tool was co-created with businesses to ensure it’s relevant, and it’s designed to support you when involving and training your staff in identifying and managing health and safety risks.

Built in collaboration with ACC, the tool aims to help you better understand your obligations under the new Health and Safety at Work Act.

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Find your business around the block