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We talked to Kimberly Contractors, who are a log harvesting company in the Gisborne region, about what worker engagement means to them and treating workers like whānau.

 Key take outs from Kimberley Contractors

  • “We value our staff to the point where they’re like family, and that’s how we like to treat them”.
  • Engaging workers has led to better outcomes on issues that affect their health and safety on site. 


The best outcomes are achieved when a business and its workers work together on health and safety. Worker Engagement and Participation is about having planned ways for:

  • workers to give input on issues which will (or are likely to) affect their health or safety. This includes asking for and taking into account their views
  • workers to improve work health and safety on an ongoing basis (eg by raising concerns or suggesting improvements).

This will help you and your business make better decisions – and keep your people and productivity thriving.