Why use SafePlus?

SafePlus will help you improve your health and safety performance in many ways.

There are a range of benefits for your workers and business

Worker benefits  

  • Helps reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and illness.
  • Can support worker behaviour change.
  • Reduces the financial burden and social impact of health and safety failure.
  • Improves confidence that they’ll be safe and healthy at work.
  • Lets them know their employer takes health and safety seriously and has their best interests in mind.
  • Supports the professional development of health and safety representatives in a business.

Business benefits  

  • Helps reduce workers’ time off work, reducing your costs.
  • Improves productivity due to safer, healthier, happier workers through an improved health and safety culture in your business
  • Helps avoid the consequences and cost of workplace accidents and harm.
  • Increases your business confidence about how well you are managing your health and safety risks.
  • Boosts your reputation as an employer of choice.
  • Gives you confidence that you’re following a credible, Government-approved standard.
  • Provides an independent and qualified view of current health and safety performance.
  • Tailors guidance and advice to support continuous improvement.
  • Shows leadership in health and safety within industry and wider community.

Government benefits  

  • Drives improved health and safety culture in New Zealand.
  • Reduces workplace illnesses, accidents and fatalities.
  • Reduces health costs from workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Creates a more productive and efficient workforce to help drive the economy.
  • Contributes to reducing workplace fatalities and injuries by 25% by 2020.

Value proposition (PDF 234 KB)